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Alyssa Edwards is my hero.

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Sam’s mum has spent the last few months making the bouquets and they looked incredible on the day - she had to make 7 bouquets plus the flowergirl’s wand and buttonholes for the best men, ring bearer and our parents & their partners. She spent so much time and effort on them and each one was so beautiful and personal - we sewed a little personal charm into all of the bridesmaids ones and ours were full of buttons we had hand picked and things that had sentimental meaning - mine had a butterfly brooch my nan gave me as a child and my grandad’s cufflink sewn into it and Sam’s was full of buttons that belonged to her grandparents and her dad - the flower on the top of hers has her dad’s initials embroidered too so it is particularly personal and special. They look great in the pictures and the best thing is we can keep them forever!!!

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I am addicted to this song at the moment. :)


Everybody - Ingrid Michaelson

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Radio_abi he’s winking at you

Awww, this dog winks horribly like me!

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Someone Like You/Rumour Has It - Glee Cast [Download]

WOW WOW WOW. Best thing to have ever happened.

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“I think you’re awesome and I love you.”

I love Parks and Recreation so bad. Especially April and Leslie <3

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Oh Mean Girls.

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This is just so cool.

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